Director, Co-founder

Philippa Frisby, a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and filmmaker, started her career with television after acquiring a degree in Comparative Religion from Bristol University. Her initial work in TV and film includes ‘Dispatches’, an investigative strand for Channel 4; ‘The Torture Trail’ and ‘The Saudi Tapes’, and ‘The Tale of the Three Lost Jewels’, a film shot in the final days of the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip.

Her passion for India started from the age of eighteen and it grew stronger over time. It has been a progressive process, confirmed by the first film she ever worked on shot in India and her lifelong interest in yoga. This inspired the filmmaker in her to make short documentaries in India, with her first short film called The River, focusing on the Ganges. At the same time, she decided to deepen her interest in yoga and undertook a teacher training in Iyengar yoga, as well as annual travels to India to study with her teacher.

The Circle is her first feature documentary and through making this film, Indigo Eye Productions was born, combining her love for filmmaking and yoga.

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