Film-making a difference.

Indigo Eye specialises in telling people’s stories…

By shining a light on some unique passions and perspectives, we’ve captured the transformative effects these can have on communities, and these themes feature in our award-winning documentaries.                                                           

The Circle

The Circle is an inspiring documentary about a centre in Dharavi where drug-addicted street children in Mumbai are helped to detox, develop and build themselves a positive future. A powerful piece of film-making, we follow four children over two years, exploring their how their harrowing stories of despair are changed by kindness, patience and yoga.

The Wrestler’s Cane

The Wrestler’s Cane is a life-affirming documentary exploring the ancient Indian sport of Mallakhamb, where devotees leap, hang, balance and perform yogic poses using an 8’ 6” teak tree column. Indigo Eye’s inspirational film follows Uday Deshpande and his unsighted students as they attempt this extraordinary challenge. The narrative that unfolds shows the transformational power of Mallakhamb and its devoted teacher in gifting his students with life-changing self-belief.


Mallakhamb an extension of yoga practised on a rope and a pole taught.