The Wrestler’s Cane


Film Synopsis

The Wrestler’s Cane is a life-affirming documentary exploring the ancient Indian sport of Mallakhamb, where devotees leap, hang, balance and perform yogic poses using an 8’ 6” teak tree column.

This extraordinary artform originated in wrestling but over centuries, it’s evolved into a mystical display of skill, strength and fearlessness that requires singular focus and sustained discipline.

An extension of the science and philosophy underpinning yoga, those practising Mallakhamb find that the clarity and dedication it requires soon affect all aspects of their lives…

Indigo Eye’s inspirational film follows Uday Deshpande, a towering figure within this sport who’s just been honoured with the Padma Shri Award for his outstanding contribution to Mallakhamb.  His impassioned belief – that this sport is for everyone – instils confidence and courage in his students of all ages and abilities and, to demonstrate that, The Wrestler’s Cane focuses on some of his unsighted students as they attempt this extraordinary challenge.

What unfolds is a powerful study of possibilities as we see the transformational power of Mallakhamb and its devoted teacher in gifting his students with life-changing self-belief.